Students from the PIONEER consortium participated in a 2-hour working session, which took place online via Zoom on December 5th 2022.

The session was aiming at having the students discussing on propositions involving and targetting students to be integrated in the PIONEER proposal.

First, Students received more information about the Pioneer consortium, European Universities, HEIS, but also the information about previous students discussion which were conducted in the framework of the previous PIONEER proposal submitted in 2022: summaries of focus groups and analysis of a student survey.

Two questions which were then discussed:

  1. What are the topics that appeal to you the most?
  2. What kind of initiative are you most likely to be involved in?

Hereafter we can seeanswers from students with the most frequents one being: mobility, sustainability, sustainable mobility, enviroment and they want to be more involved in debates, associations, event and social projects.


Students where then split in two groups and came up with 6 propositions, in the end we asked them to vote for the one they’d prefer. The result is shown on the last picture with 17 votes out of 24 for the Activities supporting the mobility.

The project propositions from students will be integrated in the PIONEER project. The  online sessions are giving to students an opportunity to discuss it with students from the alliance partners.


Pioneer Alliance