PIONEER Alliance is once again preparing to submit the Erasmus+ European Universities project. A working session was held in Paris, on January 10 & 11, with representatives from the 9 +1 partner universities to discuss and work on the writing of the proposal.

The alliance has expanded with new partners, namely Avans Hogeschool – University of Applied Sciences (NL), Universidad de Huelva (ESP), Università Iuav di Venezia (ITA), Tomas Baťa University in Zlín (CZ) and Berner Fachhochschule (CH) as associate partner.

The meeting as well as the enlightening discussions, further contributed to the integration of new partners into PIONEER. Therefore, the working session was successful held and led to the completion of most of the project proposal.

As the deadline of January 31 is approaching, partners will carry on the collaboration through online weekly meetings.

Moreover, they will continue their exchanges further the submission of the project, and hence growth their mutual collaboration.