Université Gustave Eiffel is co-organizing with AFTIF in partnership with Cerema and TDIE (Transport Développement Intermodality Environment) the European meeting of transport infrastructure funding agencies in February 2022.
It was decided to feed the reflection by a preliminary work on the infrastructures for tomorrow’s mobilities, carried out on a European scale, and mobilising the students.
The winning team will be invited to the “European conference of Transport Infrastructure Financing Agencies” (Paris) in February 2022.

General topic: Which infrastructures for low-carbon mobility in Europe?
Covered topics:
• How to develop « green » transport infrastructure?
• Which innovative funding for infrastructures?
• Which innovative function for infrastructures?
• How to improve infrastructures resilience?
• Which new materials for infrastructures?


Feedback on the Hackathon

On the FUTURE Days, the students from Université Gustave Eiffel and the other partner European universities were able to present their projects from the European Hackathon to a jury of experts!

The Green’Inder team, winner of the EUROPEAN HACKATHON, has proposed a new concept of “healthy” bus, which can be set up within the city of Paris, capable of absorbing CO2.

These two innovative projects, Green’Inder and EcoRoad, will be presented at the “European conference of transport infrastructure funding agencies” in February 2022, in Paris.

Many thanks to the members of the jury:

  • Corinne Blanquart, Vice President Transformative Projects and Societal Mission, Université Gustave Eiffel
  • Catarina Ferreira da Silva, Lecturer, Université Claude Bernard Lyon
  • Luc Mathis, Digital Director Delegate at the Research, Innovation and International Department, CEREMA
  • Katrin Moosbrugger, Secretary General at Agence de Financement des Infrastructures de Transports de France (AFIT France)


The Green’Inder Project

The EcoRoad Project




The European Hackathon is co-organised with AFIT France, in partnership with:


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