Laurea University of Applied Sciences has published its pedagogical programme for 2023–2025.

The programme was co-created by approximately one hundred Laurea employees. The themes and priorities selected for the programme emerged from Laurea’s strategy, student feedback and a quality audit performed by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). According to
Katri Ojasalo, Vice-President responsible for education at Laurea, the programme will signpost everyday work and thus improve learning, coping and well-being in the changing higher education environment.

– Changes in society, working life and education policy challenge the well-being and joy of learning of higher education communities. It is important that we have a co-created map that guides our work, allocates our resources correctly and builds a shared understanding among us. I believe that this map will help Laurea become both stronger and more attractive to applicants.

Internally, the purpose of the reform was to clarify and harmonise the policies related to pedagogical thinking and management, verbalise the goals of education activities for everyday purposes, and support Laurea’s strategic goals. The pedagogical programme describes and defines Laurea’s approach to learning, teaching, competence development and the role of partners.

Students and working life ori­en­ta­tion at the centre of pedagogy

Prioritised themes of the pedagogical programme include the assessment of students’ competence, recognition of prior learning, accreditation of competence acquired through work during studies, taking internationalisation, sense of community and multiculturalism into account in learning, and using scientific knowledge as a basis for development activities. One of the treasured cornerstones of Laurea’s pedagogy is the Learning by Developing (LbD) model. The acclaimed and recognised model, in which students learn through work-based assignments, is the unique core of Laurea’s pedagogy. This is why learning through partnerships and RDI projects and the importance of networks have also been carefully included in the pedagogical programme.

One of the major changes made to the new programme is that digital and independent study components have been added to degree programmes. Independent study components are used where they are appropriate for learning. This provides teachers with more time for individual guidance, evaluation and feedback. At the heart of everything is a more thorough and flexible consideration of each student’s individual background and personal goals. Students should feel that they can influence their learning path and the achievement of their personal competence and career objectives.

The winners of the new pedagogical programme are the students, who are now in charge of their learning process. The aim of Laurea’s management responsible for education is that the policies of the pedagogical programme will be extensively adopted throughout the institution. In this way, the programme will guide the work of all Laurea employees.

– In order to ensure that Laurea can help its competent, educated and independently thinking students to achieve their professional goals in the best possible way, we must conquer the challenge of putting the pedagogical programme into practice in our everyday work. The programme is aimed at the entire institution, and it can only be implemented if we all pull together and share the same strategic intent. I hope that everyone at Laurea will accept this challenge with pride, says Pauliina Nurkka, Director responsible for pedagogy.

The pedagogical programme of Laurea University of Applied Sciences was presented to Laurea staff at the opening ceremony of the academic year at hotel Scandic Marina, Helsinki, on 11 August 2023.

Read the pedagogical programme here

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