This hybrid (in person and online) Citython edition will be held in the city of Žilina, Slovakia, and is focused on smart mobility, in the context of climate resilient cities, public engagement and extreme weather and humanitarian emergencies.

The goal of this Citython is that young professionals search for innovative and creative solutions that can be applied in the city of Žilina to foster innovation

The challenges teams will tackle in the Citython 2022 Žilina are:

  • Challenge 1 – Sustainable and healthy city through smart mobility: Help your city management to promote smart mobility and foster change towards more sustainable and climate resilient cities
  • Challenge 2 – Green city planning and development: Engagement of the public in city planning and development towards smart mobility, and safer, greener and more liveable city
  • Challenge 3- Better crisis management thanks to smart mobility: Building smart mobility in the context of extreme weather and humanitarian emergencies

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Registration open until 24 April – 23:00 CET. Link here:

There is no ️participation fee. Citython 2022 Žilina is 100% free for all participants. Just apply and get your ticket!