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Symposium on Artificial In­tel­li­gence and its Impact on Future Com­mu­ni­ties

August 19 - August 23

The Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Future Communities will be hosted in collaboration with American and European experts from the industry and academia.

Event Dates: 19th – 23rd August 2024 (Registration closed on May 31st 2024)

Event Hosts: Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland, and Nazareth University, USA
EU Pioneer Alliance Partners: Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech RepublicAvans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands; and University of Zilina, Slovakia.
Location of the event: Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Vanha Maantie 9, 02650, Espoo, Finland
Participants’ profile: Interested experts from the AI industry and academia, with students, trainers, and decision makers.


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Symposium will be hosted in collaboration with American and European experts from industry and academia. The Symposium is aimed at exploring the impact of AI on Future Cities and Communities and stimulating a thought-provoking journey into the world of AI and its profound impact on the modern world.

Join us for an immersive 5 days where leading experts, thought leaders, educators and industry pioneers will explore the positive impacts: ethical, educational, and policy dimensions of Artificial Intelligence across the globe. The Symposium will include keynote speeches, panels, workshops, and engaging discussions focused on AI in the digital era and how AI aligns with human values and benefits all.

The AI Symposium will be complemented by a 2-day of expert Cyber Security training offered by CyberSecPro Digital Europe Programme project. The training is recommended for all participants of the Symposium since it is a component that will make a full physical week of the EU Erasmus partners’ Blended Intensive Programme (BIP). Before the physical week, an online mandatory preparatory session will be hosted in June, and it is required for all EU participants to receive grants for their BIP participation. EU partners can redeem Erasmus+ staff training grants from their institutions if they are accepted to join this event.

Overarching Theme: Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Future Communities


  • To learn the foundation of the AI in a Digital Era
  • To explore the transformative impact of AI on the future cities and communities
  • To ponder on the ethical considerations and responsible AI developments
  • To explore solutions of AI impact on the field of education
  • To discuss the role of education and policy in shaping AI’s future
  • To envision a future where AI can align with human values and benefits all.

Takeaways from the programme

  1. Exclusive Insights from the Forefront of AI: Seize the opportunity to gain unparalleled insights into the future of artificial intelligence from world-renowned experts. Missing this symposium means missing out on cutting-edge knowledge that could influence the direction of your projects and research.
  2. Networking with a Global AI Community: This Symposium is a rare gathering of international AI professionals, academics, and industry leaders. The chance to build valuable connections here is unparalleled, offering pathways to collaborative ventures and insights into global AI trends.
  3. One-Week Intensive Format: The programme allows for focused learning and deeper knowledge acquisition within a manageable timeframe.
  4. Hands-On Learning and Future Visioning: Engage in immersive workshops and discussions that tackle real-world AI applications, ethical considerations, and the envisioning of AI’s future. This Symposium is not just about where AI is today; it will suggest where it can take us tomorrow. Missing it is missing the chance to be part of shaping our future.
  5. Deep Dive into AI and Cybersecurity: The programme offers a comprehensive understanding of both AI and cybersecurity, ultimately equipping you to leverage your know-how of the intersection of these two fields.

The Symposium Programme


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August 19
August 23


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