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RISKAAN Webinar on Critical Infrastructure

25. May 2023

New RISK-KAN Webinar: Unsolved problems in critical infrastructure: future directions

We would like to invite you to our next RISK-KAN webinar


Unsolved problems in critical infrastructure: future directions

Online webinar of Risk KAN,

Risk KAN is the: Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events


May 25 2023 14-15 hrs CET, Zoom

02:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

Elco Koks: (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Alexander Fekete (TH Köln, University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany)



  • Making critical infrastructure research more interdisciplinary
  • Main message: there is no right or wrong, there are many approaches
  • Build a community; who works in which field?
  • Identify the main 20 unsolved problems and future directions




Passcode: unsolved

Meeting-ID: 880 7517 1645



Join us for an exciting exploration of critical infrastructure across scientific domains. This webinar will challenge the traditional boundaries of critical infrastructure risk assessments, encouraging interdisciplinary approaches and highlighting the diversity of solutions that can arise from multiple perspectives. We will focus on building a community and identifying key players in various fields, while recognizing that there is no one “right” way to approach critical infrastructure risk modelling. Together, we will identify the top 20 unsolved problems and future directions, fostering a collaborative and innovative community dedicated to advancing critical infrastructure research across scientific domains. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your understanding and contribute to the future of critical infrastructure development.



Elco Koks is an Assistant Professor within the Water and Climate Risk group at the Institute for Environmental Studies (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and a Honorary Research Associate within the Oxford Programme of Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (OPSIS). His research combines knowledge from disaster impact modelling, critical infrastructure, network analysis and macroeconomics.

Alexander Fekete is Professor of Risk and Crisis Management at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. He works in the field of security research on natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes or landslides. In particular, his research focuses on their impact on affected persons, but also on power and supply chain failures.


Agenda and internal notes


Moderation memo:

Data handling: Email list moderated by Alexander Fekete, Elco Koks (Excel file, not online)

Who wants to be dropped again, send us an email.

Purpose: build a community, invite for follow-um webinars/seminars, maybe share only selected events, journal paper invitations


Funding: no funding (personal interest)


  1. Top Input pitches (20 mins)

1min introd./ welcome by us

2 presentations (each 7 mins)



  • Emerging topic: which fields or topics are emerging?

EC, CDRI (India), Sendai, RiskKAN

  • Case study examples
  • End slides: open questions


  1. Top: Joint paper (30mins)

2-3 slides on overall idea

Plan: Joint paper on unsolved problems in CI (or overseen approaches), from multiple perspectives and disciplines

(Forerunners: Hilbert’s problems in maths, Paris 1907, Hydrology 23 problems)

First task: send us a paragraph and suggest a problem or solution

We will then make an action plan in two weeks time

Journal (maybe https://iopscience.iop.org/journal/2634-4505, Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability


  1. Top (10 mins, plus open session, free to leave)

Goals: build a community; who works in which field?

Early career scientists (RiskKAN group, )

Use a miro board: everyone positions themselves; interest, method or discipline. Leave name and/ or email if you wish




Risk KAN






Individuals who had registered for the WG of CI within RiskKAN:






  • Working Group Natural Hazards/Risks, (Arbeitskreis Naturgefahren/-risiken) German Association of Geographers
  • DGSMtech e.V. (German Society for the Promotion of Social Media and Technology in Civil Protection)
  • SoS network – Survey of Surveyors, attached to the European Conference on Risk Perception and Behaviour – ENCORE
  • DKKV: German Committee Disaster Preparedness (Deutsches Komitee Katastrophenvorsorge)
  • KatNet: German Disaster Network (KatastrophenNetzwerk)
  • InCluSiF: Innovation Cluster Civil Security
  • Graduate School for Applied Research in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • CRI working group member on best practices for climate resilient infrastructures (CRI). Competence Center KomPass – Climate Impacts and Adaptation, German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), Fraunhofer Institute for intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS, the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IÖR), and the Dutch Research Institute For Transition (DRIFT)
  • Member, German Committee Future Earth (DKN) Working Group: Multi-Risk and Societal Resilience in Extreme Events. Urbanization – Sub Group. Deutsches Komitee für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung (German Committee for Sustainability Research) in Future Earth
  • INQUIMUS (Alex)
  • EU projects (RESILOC, ProASB, PIONEER) (Alex)
  • Horst Kremers


25. May 2023